Choosing a Fridge Size

There are many factors to consider when buying a fridge, such as size, color and other specs. Size is especially an important factor because you need to make sure that your new fridge is big enough for your family’s needs, taking into account your shopping, cooking habits and whether you entertain a lot. If you shop in bulk and if you rely on frozen foods you will need more freezer space. If you buy fresh foods frequently, you will need space for fresh food. If you purchase larger frozen items, make sure the freezer is large enough. As you can see, there are a lot of things to take into consideration.

Credit: DRL Limited

Accurately measuring your fridge space and preparing your kitchen for your new fridge can save a lot of time when it is installed. Besides measuring the height, depth and width of the fridge space, take into account the door opening space and the clearance you may need to accommodate the door hinge and if there is enough space on the hinge side of the refrigerator for the door to open without hitting walls. Be sure to check that you have enough extra space above and behind the refrigerator for ventilation and space for cleaning. You can also easily find these requirements online in the fridge manual, so make sure to do your research before making a purchase.

In addition to the dimensions of your fridge, you should also take a few measurements in case your cabinets or floors are uneven and measure the depth of the opening, from the back wall to the front edge of your counters. Measure how far the door will need to open into your kitchen. Many fridge doors must be completely open in order to pull out drawers or access all the shelves. Make sure the doors won’t hit cupboards, counters, other appliances or kitchen islands. In other words, make sure there is space for everything to open and close accordingly and that any surrounding objects are still accessible.

Another important thing that is often overlooked is the space where you need to move your fridge into your home. Think about how your new fridge will be brought into the house and kitchen. If you have a kitchen island be sure to check the space around it. Measure each doorway along the way, including your front door. In some cases, you might need to remove the fridge door handle, or even the door to fit, so make sure those are removable.

Whatever fridge you decide to buy, make sure you think it through. You’ll be using it for a long time, so get one that works for you and your home.