Fridge Ice and Water Dispensers

Fridges with ice and water dispensers are very convenient for wherever they are used, whether in an office or home. It may be a surprise to you but there are different variations to choose from. Here we list the types and uses.

In-Freezer Ice Makers


These are entirely contained within the freezer compartment and is the most cost-effective option. These usually hold more ice than in-door units, but they take up space in the freezer and the freezer has to be opened every time you want ice.

In-Door Unit

This option is built into the door of the refrigerator. You simply press a lever or touch a button and the ice falls into your glass.

Dual Ice Makers

These offer an in-freezer unit with greater capacity and an in-door option for added convenience.

Water Options

Refrigerator Ice and Water Dispenser

There are four types of water dispensers to choose from.


This is the most common and offers quick and easy access to fresh water without opening the door.


This option is cost-effective, but you have to open the door to get your water and it takes up fridge space, similar to the in-freezer ice maker.

Sparkling Water

This is our favourite! There is a sparkling water option which runs carbonated water from your fridge. This can be flavoured to make homemade soda drinks and even cocktails. Don’t forget to change carbonation cartridge when empty.

Hot Water Option

There is also a hot water option which lets you dispense hot water for tea or other hot drinks.

When choosing a fridge with a water or ice dispenser, proper water filtration is also important. To maintain clean, fresh water and ice, you will need to find the water filter that is compatible with your fridge.

Another important tip is to use an air filter. This helps eliminate odours from the fridge to keep it smelling clean and fresh. You will need to find an air filter that’s compatible with your fridge. You don’t want your water smelling like meat or seafood. It’s gross and it does happen.

Depending on how often you use the fridge, the water and air filters should be changed regularly. Generally speaking, it’s best to change them every six months.

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