Fridge Innovations

When buying a new fridge, it’s important to keep in mind that you will be depending on it for the next 10 to 15 years, so take a long term view when choosing, as some unique features can make a big difference over many years.

Choose a fridge that has bins with enough space for the type of food you plan to store. Some fridges offer quick and convenient access to frequently used door bins which move, slide and adjust so your favorite foods are easy to access, making snacking easier. They also create extra space so you can conveniently access drinks. This feature makes it easier to organize food and drinks and save energy.

Full-width drawers and adjustable bins and shelves let you make space for large platters and tall jugs while keeping everything in order and organised.

Smart fridges are especially convenient for you smart device savvy consumers. Smart and Wi-Fi connected fridges with a display lets you access apps, leave notes, view calendars, find recipes and more.

Another feature we find really cool is the adjustable cooling zones, which lets you change and convert from fridge to freezer and back, depending on your needs.

Dual evaporation technology, which isn’t new technology but sometimes overlooked, controls humidity in both your fridge and freezer to keep food fresher for longer.

A feature that is particularly helpful with children is a protective coating on the exterior surface of fridges, which resists smudges and smears. If you have kids, a fingerprint-resistant option might be just what you’re looking for to help with cleaning.

With energy efficient fridges, you can maximize your energy and Rand savings without sacrificing the features you want. Energy saving is not just good for your pocket but the environment too.

Whatever features you choose, make sure you choose wisely. And don’t forget to sign up for when we launch our platform. Make the right choice with That’s It!