High tech kitchen tables

Kitchens have come a long way and are changing fast, especially with the ever-popular trend of the smart kitchen. They’re bringing us into a future of technology that not only changes the way we eat but also interact with our kitchen table. Kitchens of the future will have hi-tech tables on which you can both cook and eat.

These kitchens tables of the future will include a preparation surface, hob and work bench. Using induction coils underneath the surface they will double up as a stove that can be used for cooking. The tables will transition from fast-heating grills to room temperature instantaneously, making them safe to set down plates or dishes.

Some will include a camera mounted in the ceiling to observe what is happening on the table, projecting relevant graphics back on to its surface. Smart kitchen tables will identify the food placed on it and display cooking suggestions and recipes on its surface, guiding you through the recipe, step-by-step.

Simply place your ingredients on the table and you’ll get suggestions on what to cook, and instructions on how best to prepare your meals. Set the table timer to see how much time and effort you want to spend cooking. Use the built-in scales to get your proportions right.

You’ll even be able to browse recipes and the table will guide you through them. Collect your ingredients, put your pan on the table, set the temperature to boil and the timer will start, add another pan and set it to fry temperature.

Keep your coffee warm, charge your cell phone, heat food directly in your storage containers. You’ll be able to do all of this from the comfort of a single surface. It’s no wonder why smart appliances are a trend we can’t avoid. They are becoming a part of our daily lives, making the kitchen not only more convenient but more efficient. The possibilities are endless.